Anna Onikiienko is a painter artist.

Was graduated in 2011 KNUKIM

Currently I am inspired by East Asia culture and folk art. Often I create my works intuitively without preliminary sketching. Sometimes I use multi-layer paintings when one picture overlaps another one, and sometimes elements of collage are present. I use mixed technique in my works layering simultaneously different materials: acryl, oil, oil pastel, water-color, ink.

I create my paintings in series devoted to specific themes. Often my paintings are not bereft of irony and humor, painting personages can get into funny situations


Now I work on series of paintings with fantastic not-existent animals (sometimes hybrid of horse and hare) with specific characters. Painting inhabitants are leisurely having tea or relaxing by the lake, sometimes they are interacting with one another getting into different situations. Plants as if living beings or parts of a whole organism are playing not the least part. Capillary system of complex lines can run through animals, plants and landscape putting everything together (combining into a single whole)